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Strategic Skills

Strategic Skills​

Our “Signature” Training Program

After decades of personal experience and added research, Dale Botting has created a unique Training Program and Mental Map on strategic skills and HOW TO THINK STRATEGICALLY. 

The Botting Model is composed of 6 major elements, all working inter-actively to help people become a more Strategic Thinker. Our Signature Introductory Course is available through Online Purchase and/or by scheduling a Keynote Presentations at your next Conference, In-House Workshop, or Corporate Retreat. 

 For added skill development, Botting Leadership also offers a more comprehensive On-line Program and Certificate in Strategic Thinking. In addition to online presentations, every participant will also receive workbooks, thinking tools, planning templates, resource materials, and added references to enhance their strategic orientation and thinking capacities. This will require participation and learning through Seven Training Modules, each described briefly as follows:

Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Definitions of Strategy, plus a review of social, business, and economic perspectives and expectations for thinking strategically.

This first Module provides a summary of all six elements of the Botting Strategic Thinking Model™.

Anticipation and Living in the Future

This module discusses how to more consciously and proactively monitors trends and your surrounding organizational environment – to foresee shifts, monitor your competitive environment, and spot important trends and emerging threats.

The Power of Asking Why and Challenging the Status Quo

This Module will provide specific thinking skills and techniques on how to ask the right questions, and challenge old assumptions and patterns that may be no longer be relevant or useful. The most powerful questions to ask in any organizations are “Why Are We Here?”, “How are Customers and Stakeholders Expectations Changing?” and “Why are we (still) doing things this way?”

Connecting the Dots

This Module will discuss how to collect and sort through increasingly complex, confusing, and multiple sources of information to identify patterns, seek convergence of thought, and find synergies emerging from “the fog”. Particular attention will be given to Lateral Thinking Skills – i.e. making comparisons and finding opportunities through cross-pollination of ideas across entirely different industries and organizational models. 
An added form of Lateral Thinking is to study Nature. This Module will also discuss the concept of Biomimicry and introduce participants to another “Signature Course” also offered by Botting Leadership. Click on the Biomimicry Page also on this Website. 

Experimentation, Rapid Prototyping and “Failing Forward”

Strategic Thinkers and Innovators are not afraid to pilot new ideas, to test assumptions, to experiment, and then to try and test some more. This Module will borrow heavily from the art of Design Thinking – on how to frame the right questions, gather inspiration, generate ideas, prototype, perform constant testing through continual feedback systems, and to constantly generate stories and revised assessments of progress.
Overcoming Fear of Failure will also be discussed – i.e. skills on how to perform “controlled experiments” despite incomplete data and information, but with ways to contain damage and recover were continuing the innovation process.

Stakeholder Partnerships – Engagement and Alignment

Strategic Thinkers are incessantly seeking out perspectives beyond “their castle walls” – through non-stop engagement with customers, supply chains, and their front-line workers. This Module will identify specific tips and strategies on how to obtain effective engagement, feedback and partnerships with all categories of stakeholders

Reflection and Constant Re-learning

This Module will talk about the importance of “Proper Endings”, and how to close projects by stopping to reflect and review past successes and failures on recent operational challenges and experiences.  A Strategic Thinker never misses a close-out opportunity to further ask, “What are some of the key lessons learned – both good and bad – and how can we learn from this to improve future performance”?
This Module, and the entire Strategic Thinking Program, closes with an outline of how to prepare a “Strategic Thinking Engine” in your organization, and how to prepare and develop the next generation in your organization for their added strategic challenges.

Strategic Skills​ Botting Leadership

Other Webinars and Workshops on How to Think Better

While the internet and Training Industry are filled with numerous courses on Leadership, Management, Personal Effectiveness, and other specific Business Processes and Systems, it’s amazing to find so very few offerings on simply “HOW TO THINK BETTER”. In today’s hectic and high-pressured world, few executives stop to even think at all, let alone consider ways to be more reflective, analytical, and decisive. 

With the onslaught of social media, fake news, and the constant bombardment of so much banal, inane, and just plain wrong information – now is the time when effective thinking skills may become the most valuable resource in every organization and society. 

The following Short (45-60 minute) Courses are provided by Botting Leadership, both online or through direct presentations, to gain greater control of your mind and to help you be a Better Thinker:

  • Executive Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence and Managing Your Emotions
  • Social and Political Intelligence
  • The Art of Thinking Clearly – without Bias and Distortions
  • How to Think Like an Ecosystem 
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Paradoxical Thinking 
  • Parallel Thinking, Six Hats Thinking and Other Thinking Skills according to De Bono
  • A Short Course on Thinking Fast and Slow, courtesy of Daniel Kahneman
  • Upping Your Head Game and Making Better Decisions
  • The Art of “Simplexity”
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and their Effective Applications
  • Ethical Intelligence
  • Gender Physics
  • Performance Under Pressure
  • Positive Psychology – Introductory Basics and Applications
  • Resilience “101”
  • Cultivating Curiosity and the Power of the Most Beautiful Questions
  • Mental Judo and Tongue Fu
  • The Joy of Conflict and Using Mediation Skills for Peace-Making
  • Making and Breaking Habits
  • The Science of Influence – both With and Without Author-it

Learn with Botting Leadership how to think better

Get started on your introductory Strategic Thinking course or program now.

Strategic Plan​ Botting Leadership
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