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Strategic Plan


Strategic Planning

Our “sweet spot” is to work with organizations wanting to develop a crisp, clear and compelling Strategic Plan – and to execute that Strategy through proper alignment and performance management to become a dynamic, agile, and winning enterprise.

There are so many forms of Strategic Thinking and Strategic Development of your organization or community:

  • Better Board Governance – and modernization of your Board Manuals and Policies.
  • Succession Planning and Talent Development for you personally, as a departing Leader to Identify, Be Prepared and help Fill Key Positions, and/or groom Emerging Leaders to be ready for future leadership challenges to help Prepare for Future Sale and Business Exits, or future Acquisition Strategies.
  • Development of Multi-Year Strategic Plans – by establishing Key Goals and Objectives, related Action Steps for each Objective, and Implementation Plans with clear Alignment of operating responsibilities and ongoing Performance Management during successive Operating Plans.
  • Better Corporate Dash Boards, proper Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for monitoring strategic performance, and Balanced Scorecards for the strategic review of your Board.
  • Better Trendspotting and Strategic Foresight Analysis – through SWOT Analysis, TOWES, PESTEL, and facilitation of exercises in organizational Thought Leadership.
  • Better Design Thinking for New Product or Service Development – through Ideation, Prototyping, Testing, and Strategic Product/Service Launch.
  • Better Organizational Risk Assessment, Risk Registers, Risk Mitigation Plans, and proper Crisis or Emergency Response Plans developed in anticipation of serious risks (such as a rapidly emerging need for Climate Change Resilience Strategies).

Internal Strategic Effectiveness

There are so many other ways to infuse and elevate the Strategic Thinking Capacities in other organizations, and Botting Leadership has effectively and successfully provided ALL these other Strategic Services:

  • Establishment of new and improved Project Management Systems and Processes
  • Independent facilitation and assessment of Lessons Learned Reviews after major projects or events
  • Business Case Analysis and effective Proposal Writing
  • Development of Cultural Change Strategies and Improved Employee Engagement Plans
  • Internal Organizational Reviews, Self-Audits and Organizational Restructuring
  • Establishment of Quality Circles, Customer Experience Standards, and other Front-Line Service Improvement Teams
  • LEAN Thinking and Six Sigma Improvement Strategies
  • Preparation for and/or development of new external Accreditation Systems – NQI, Health, Education, Laboratory,
  • ISO, and other business accreditations
  • Development of new and more professional Talent Onboarding Systems and Strategic Onboarding Plans for new CEO’s and other Senior Executives
Strategic Plan​ Botting Leadership
Strategic Plan

External Strategic Effectiveness

  • Strategic Marketing Plans and development of new Business Development Systems
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Independent Customer Surveys, Customer Advisory Boards, and Reputation Management Programs
  • Red Teaming Workshops – as a form of strategic risk analysis to explore ways in which other competitors could exploit weaknesses or outperform your own customer services or business systems
  • Strategic Communications Plans
  • Strategic Community Engagement and Consultation Programs
  • Stronger Corporate Social Responsibility Programs – to increase staff pride, build new partnerships, improve community relations, and enhance customer sales and loyalty through affinity marketing and other strategic alliances
  • Stronger Investing to Achieve Social Impacts – for improved investment management and portfolio design of Family Offices and other Philanthropic Donors, as well as to enhance and modernize the Fund Development
  • Programs of forward-thinking Non-Profits
  • Social Enterprise Development – to assist struggling non-profit organizations find complementary sources of own-source revenues and explore creative new forms of Social Innovation and Social Finance

Get in touch.  Look farther, think wider, and go deeper.

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