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Corporate Culture


Corporate Culture

The famous leadership author, Peter Drucker, once said, “Corporate Culture Eats Strategy for breakfast.” What he meant by that is if the “unwritten rules”, the pervasive mood, the unspoken norms, the hostile attitudes, or the silos or cliques within an organization are not fixed, then no amount of strategic planning will ever help. A healthy corporate culture and positive, enthusiastic staff engagement can be deliberately engineered and reset. 

Employee Engagement Programs

Botting Leadership provides the following services to help you turn your corporate culture around – or – to take it to the next level:

  • Cultural Assessment or Employee Engagement Surveys delivered by a confidential, third party.
  • Corporate Workshops and Training for Executives and Staff on how to improve corporate culture.
  • Specific Tools and Steps on How to Create a Guiding Coalition that will gradually design and engineer a positive change in organizational morale and staff commitment. 
  • Special Emphasis on “Managing By Values”, and “Truly Walking The Talk” at every level – as it applies to having a Corporate Values Statement and giving it proper application during every meeting, every feedback session, every customer experience, and every day-to-day part of working in your organization. 
Corporate Culture Botting Leadership

Botting Leadership can help you look farther, think wider, and go deeper.

Click here if You are Needing to better Measure, Fix or Improve Your Organizational Culture.

Corporate Governance Systems
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