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Strategic Thinking


Strategic Management, Thinking Strategically

As a Strategic Advisor, Dale Botting works with business owners and organizational leaders who are stuck or struggling with an existing business problem or wanting to get off a plateau of complacency or flat growth.  He also works with clients who are ready for transformational change, pivot to a new business model or scale up to a new level. Botting Leadership is for Strategic Thinkers and Leaders who want to look farther, scan wider, and go deeper.

Our “sweet spot” is to work with organizations wanting to develop a crisp, clear and compelling Strategic Plan – and to execute that Strategy through proper alignment and performance management to become a dynamic, agile, and winning enterprise.

After decades of personal experience and added research, Dale Botting has created a unique Training Program and Mental Map on HOW TO THINK STRATEGICALLY. The Botting Model is composed of 6 major elements.

A good starting point for Strategic Capacity Building in any organization is to conduct an Internal Organizational Review or Operations Audit, by bringing in an outside Strategic Advisor.

Botting Leadership takes great pride and in, and is passionate about, helping Organizations and their Leaders elevate their strategic thinking, foresight, and perspectives through two other key services.

Leaving a legacy of replacement talent, and creating an engine for perpetual leadership development, are some of the most important jobs of any Board, CEO, Executive Director, or Executive Management Team. Every organization is vulnerable without a comprehensive Succession Plan.

Strategic Planning helps organizations “play good offence” and move forward in a thoughtful and methodical way to create their own futures. But what about “playing defence”? Risk Assessment and the development of proper Risk Mitigation Plans are a way to anticipate problems.

Botting Leadership can help you look farther, think wider, and go deeper.

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