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Goals As A Leader

Guest Blog by Sean Stevenson – Latest Revision March 11th, 2021Sean has many amazing articles that we will continue to feature within our community. Please

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FWD Thinking – Farther, Wider, and Deeper – Issue #1 – July 2020

11 Ways to Emerge from COVID19 as a TRUE Leader

During past crises in history, not all organizations (and whole societies) have been equally prepared. Some do great, others just backslide to old practices. This one is no different.

A weak manager fails to stop, reflect upon, and learn from a crisis. 

No matter what stage you are at in your managerial career – and even older dogs can learn new tricks – the following pages will provide you with some essential reminders and crucial tips

You have an opportunity to learn, grow and emerge from COVID19 as a TRUE Leader

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Dale Botting

As a Strategic Advisor, Dale Botting works with business owners and organizational leaders who are stuck or struggling with an existing business problem or wanting to get off a plateau of complacency or flat growth. He also works with clients who are ready for transformational change, pivot to a new business model or scale up to a new level. Botting Leadership is for Strategic Thinkers and Leaders who want to look farther, scan wider, and go deeper.

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