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Leadership Development Training


Training Provided by Botting Leadership is Informative, Relevant, Lively, Interactive, and Fun!

Our inventory of Training Programs is aimed at all levels of Leadership Development – for young professionals and new managers, to mid-career professionals, to senior-level executives and Board members, to seasoned (but often struggling) business owners, to retiring executives or those engaged in significant life and career transitions. 

Dale uses humour, storytelling, facilitated insights, and hands-on participation among all workshop participants. Dale Botting was originally trained as an educator, so he knows the principles of effective pedagogy and the science of better learning. As a Certified Professional Coach, Dale also recognizes the importance of follow up and accountability from training events. It is not knowledge that increases the power within training participants, but the follow-up application of knowledge. 

Developing Leadership Skills

Each Training Session – whether in-house or delivered online – provides strategies and tactics to enthuse participants into a place of real action from their learning, to help make knowledge and skills really “stick” – long after each course or training event. In-house Leadership and Management Training programs can be delivered for the membership of entire Industry or Professional Associations, at Corporate Retreats, Conference Key Notes, or through regular in-house Lunch and Learns, Breakfast Briefings, Weekly Workshops, etc. 

One of the most popular, fastest-growing, and most effective forms of corporate Leadership Training is when Botting Leadership co-creates with senior leadership to custom design and deliver in-house “Leadership Academies”. These can be specifically tailored for your up and coming new managers, for certain categories of staff (e.g. Lead Hands or Foremen), and even for aging executives looking for career rejuvenation and renewal. Dale has established Leadership Clubs and In-house Leadership Academies for Hospitals, Research Institutes, Tribal Councils, Non-profit Organizations, Professional Service Firms, Manufacturers, and numerous other industries.

Leadership Development Training

Catalogue of Leadership Training Courses 

Over 70 Leadership Topics for 5 Different Stages & Types of Leadership Development.

Young Professionals and New Managers

Self-Management + Knowing the Basics

Training for Young Professionals and Emerging Leaders

  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • The Winner’s Brain 
  • The Art and the Science of Thinking Clearly 
  • How to Make Better Decisions
  • How to Work With, and Manage Your Emotions (Learning About Emotional Intelligence)
  • How to Work with Difficult People  
  • Followership – Skills to Better Work With, and Manage the Boss
  • Time Management and Organizing for Personal Effectiveness 
  • How to Be More Influential and Persuasive
  • Willpower, Procrastination and Getting Things Done
  • Boundaries and Focus for Executive Success
  • Self-Motivation and Regaining Your Mojo at Work
  • Communication Basics – On How to Connect, Convey and Convince
  • Communication Judo and Effective Conflict Management
  • Communication Skills – The Power of Speech Acts, Body Language, and Reading People
  • Building Character – What It Means to Be a Professional
  • Techniques for Coping with Overload, Burnout and Other Workplace Stress
  • Resilience – Facing Adversity and Bouncing Back
  • Giving Better Employee Feedback, Performance Coaching, and Management of Employee Accountability 
  • Getting It Right – From the Start – Your First 180 Days as a New Leader or Manager
  • Staying Positive – The Science of Positive Psychology
  • Strength Finding and Building on Your Strengths

Teams and Operational Managers

Refresher Training and “Managerial Re-wiring”

Training for Teams and Operational Managers

  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Executive E.Q. – Managing with Emotional Intelligence
  • Personality Profiling and Being Able to Work Flexibly with Different Personalities in the Team
  • High-Performance Teams – An Introduction
  • Teamwork and Trust Building
  • Teamwork and the Joy of Conflict
  • Teamwork, Alignment and the Achievement of Commitment as a “Sacred Trust”
  • Teamwork and Accountability through Shared “Ownership Thinking”
  • Motivation 3.0 – How to Really Find What Drives People to Higher Levels of Engagement
  • Workplace Wars and How to End Them
  • Aligning the Stars – Managing Professionals, Creative Talent, and the New Generation
  • Managing Office Politics
  • The Basics of Effective Project Management
  • Change Management and Crossing the Chasm
  • Management via Soft Power – Appreciation and Encouraging the Heart through Positive Psychology
  • The Manager’s Guide to Planning
  • Negotiation Skills for Managers
  • Coaching Skills for Managers in the Workplace
  • Effective Sales Strategies and Presentations
  • Managing through Collaboration, Co-creation and Partnership Marketing
  • Customer Service – at the Office, at the Counter, and for Professionals

C-Suite/Executives and Boards

Stepping Up to the Big Organizational Challenges; and at Higher Levels of Risk Management and Strategic Thinking Extensive Governance Training and New Board Member Orientation

Leadership Training at the Higher Level – for Executives, the C-Suite or Boards

  • Board Governance – including Annual Board Training “Refreshers” and Orientation Programs
  • Leading Yourself and Looking in the Mirror
  • Vision and Values in Organizational Development – More than Just Words on the Wall
  • Strategic Thinking and Developing Organizational Strategy
  • “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”: Changing Productivity and Leadership Focus
  • Creating Healthy Organizations – How to Deliberately Re-Engineer a New Culture at Work
  • Emotional Intelligence – Taking It to the Next Level
  • Establishing Effective Strategies for Business Development
  • Maximum Customer Service – Strategies, Standards, and Processes
  • The Great Rules of Sales and Strategic Selling
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Crisis Response Strategies for Higher Level Leaders
  • Disciplines of Execution
  • Working with Positive Psychology to Enhance Employee Retention and Flourish at Work
  • Executive Presence – What Is It, How to Build It, and How to Use It for Leadership Effectiveness
  • Maximizing Board Dynamics – Effective Partnerships Among Leaders and their Boards

Business Owners

Skills for Growing - and Better Thriving – in Your Business For Preparing Your Next Generation of Leaders to Know How to Manage the “Business of the Business”

Training for Business Owners – Skills on How to Grow and Thrive in Business

  • Working ON the Business, NOT in the Business (or How Not to Let the Business Own You!)
  • The Strategic Seven: How Seven Key Touch Points Can Double Your Profits
  • Project Management for Business Owners – Everything is a Project
  • Building a Strategic Plan for Your Business – On Purpose and On Target
  • Challenging and Growing Your Talent to All “Think Like an Owner”
  • Building Your Legacy – Succession Planning and Looking Ahead to Profitable Exits
  • Business Effectiveness “101” – How to Play the Great Game of Business
  • The Joy of Business Systems – for Less Work, More Profit, Higher Quality and More Fun
  • Business Sales and Selling Systems – Hope is Not a Strategy!
  • Playing with the Financials for Fun and Profit
  • The Art and Science of Scaling Up a Business
  • Creating a Culture of Leadership in Your Business
  • Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan and Process that Delivers Powerful Results!
  • How to Create Raving Fans and Going from Customers to Trusted Partnerships
  • Knowing Your Three R’s – Managing Your Reputation, Recovery from Crisis and Overall Risk
  • Management of Your Business
  • Getting Over Yourself: How to Manage Your Worst Enemy – YOU!

Aging and Sage-ing Executives

To help them find Career Renewal and Rejuvenation at their Career “Halftime” To help them prepare for Transitions to a new “Retire-mentality”

  • Training for Sages, Half-Time Transitions and Future Re-tiring
  • Getting Off Your Plateau – Life and Career Strategies for Middle Managers
  • Leaving a Legacy – The Science of Managing Your Leadership Succession
  • Preparing Your Own Future Exit – Succession Planning from Your Work or Business
  • Mentoring – Individual Skills and Across the Organization
  • Half Time – Changing your Game Plan from Success to Significance
  • Eat, Sleep, Move – New Habits and Skills for the Aging Executive
  • Staying Sharp – Improving Memory, Boosting Creativity, and Brain Health
  • Your Next Life Re-imagined – Re-tiring for the Next 100,000 miles
  • Calculating Income for Life – both ROI and ROL (Return on Life)
  • Never Too Late for Old Dogs to Learn New Tricks – Olga, Blue Zones and Other Lessons
  • What Next? How to Think About, Find and Do the Next Big Thing in Your Life

Botting Leadership can help you look farther, think wider, and go deeper.

Inquire to learn more about or to get started on a course.

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