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Leadership Group Activities

Leadership Group Activities​

leadership activities

As the old saying goes, “It can be lonely at the top”. It can also be very lonely in the middle. Other than maybe with your spouse or a rare mentor (that only a few are lucky to find), there is likely nowhere else to turn to regularly share your leadership adventures or discuss your most vexing challenges. It’s not that your boss or your Board are not supportive. However, in this fast-paced and demanding business world, you cannot always access them on every issue. They may also not have the same understanding, capacities and like experiences as your current life “in the trenches”. Seeking personal support with others on your Board or at work may also risk exposure to personal vulnerability or generate an awkward and difficult conflict of interest.

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What if you could find your own personal support network, to meet with like-minded but separated colleagues on a regular, convenient, and “safe” basis?  

What if you could meet confidentially with BOTH an independent Leadership Coach AND with a safe group of peers who come from similar circumstances and/or share similar stories? 

What if this Leadership Support Network included fellow executives at the same organizational levels as you – who are able to share experiences on the very same challenges that currently resonant with you? (Another old saying is, “You should always learn from the mistakes of others because none of us will ever live long enough to learn from the mistakes we will make ourselves.”).


Leadership Circles

Leadership Circles, that can be either Virtual or Live Meetings, offer exactly this kind of behind-the-scenes networking and peer-to-peer support. The key elements of the Leadership Circles Program are as follows:

One monthly Leadership Circles Meeting – for no more than 90 minutes – with a hand-picked assembly of very similar Leaders and Managers in very different organizations, at very similar organizational levels, and all facing very similar challenges to join you as your “comrades in arms”. 

An added discussion every month on key Leadership Topics and managerial challenges, complete with special guest speakers and/or back up learning materials, tips, and templates to be shared after each Leadership Circle Session. 

Intimacy and fellowship with no more than 6-8 of your peers in this network.

Access to one additional, one-on-one confidential coaching session a month, with Dale Botting as your Professional Leadership Coach.

Various take-away materials, checklists, other reading materials and references on each monthly Leadership Topic.

join a newly established Leadership Circle now.

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