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Executive Coaching


Invest in your future.

Executive Coaching is now one of the fastest-growing professions in the world today. Everyone now recognizes the value of a good coach (even among the most accomplished celebrities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and other champions who want to continually grow and stay sharp on their game).  One-On-One Coaching – which includes continuous, intimate dialogue and reflections in either a direct or virtual format – is also the most effective form of Leadership Development Program in today’s economy.  Here’s why:

It is increasingly lonely at the top – and in middle management. Leadership Coaching provides a very confidential and welcome avenue for executives to discuss challenges, both privately and in addition to the support (or lack of) given from their corporate Boards or other bosses. Very often there is nowhere else to turn – just to bounce off ideas and to share very personal reflections. 

There is a science to coaching.

The most effective leadership development is not about “telling” or “directing”, but in using professional techniques to help co-create and help individuals discover new insights and approaches to solving problems and attaining new goals.

What got executives to where they currently are, may not be the same knowledge, skill sets, and patterns that will allow them to succeed and grow at the Next Level. This is particularly true for specialists and technicians who now find themselves “thrown into the deep end of the pool”, without any prior leadership training.

Good coaching conversations have real staying power and impact – in a way that embeds practices and new learning well beyond attendance at costly, one-time seminars and training events. As Confucius said almost 2500 years ago:

“Tell me and I will forget, 

Show me and I will remember, 

but Involve me and Mentor me, and I will truly understand.”


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Why Dale Botting?

Dale Botting has been a seasoned executive, with over 45 years of testing, “hands-on” and proven leadership – in the public, private and institutional sectors. He easily relates to top Executives because Dale personally knows what it’s like to occupy “that corner office”. 

Aside from mobilizing and inspiring success in teams and organizations (from 10 – 1000 + employees), Dale has later worked with hundreds of other Leaders. He understands the distinct and separate leadership challenges in different types of commercial enterprise, in leading non-profit organizations, in managing governments (including First Nation Band Offices, Chiefs, and Councils), in leading a University Campus and at specific Colleges, and through work with Leaders at world-class Research and Cultural institutions. (See Experience List) 

Beyond all this experience, Dale has been trained and certified by the top Academies in the Leadership Development and Coaching field – from accredited trainers in Calgary (Alberta), Denver (Colorado), Syracuse (New York), South Africa, and Silicon Valley. 

Executive Leadership Development is NOT a profession for amateurs or novices. It is both a careful Art and a disciplined Science. It demands life-long professional development and continuous learning.

Dale Botting’s professional approach to Executive Leadership Coaching includes the following:

Professionally Certified Expertise, with special emphasis on the skills of appreciative inquiry and co-creation to help you find your own personal solutions and strategies.

A holistic coaching focus on not only your cognitive thoughts, language and habits; but also on better management and control of emotions and the effective use of non-verbal behaviours for more impact and executive wellness.

Non-judgmental listening and mentorship by acting as your own personal confidante, and as a sounding board and safe place, “just to talk”.

Highly personalized education and executive tutoring ineffective leadership and management tools. By working with Dale, executive clients get shared access to his huge Digital Library that he has curated over many decades. This Leadership Library holds over 10,000 Leadership Tips, Tools, Templates, and background readings.

Assistance with personal and professional goal-setting, and disciplined adherence to a Leadership Coaching Plan to help you achieve your new goals and aspirations.

Added personal insights and diagnostics of your personality and leadership profile, your team environment, your emotional intelligence, your corporate culture, and numerous other independent and validated diagnostics tools and independent assessments.

An optional and independent 360° Assessment, if requested, for added confidential review during Executive Coaching.

Added reading lists, checklists and other background handouts and materials for your future reference and to help you build your own Leadership Library.

most of all, effective executive coaching is all about helping leaders to achieve clarity:

  • clarity of problem analysis and identifying the real issues;
  • clarity of establishing core values, and setting goals that are congruent to those values; 
  • clarity (and discipline) to take the necessary action steps to achieve each goal, with added accountability and nudging from your coach;
  • clarity of executive balance and self-care; and 
  • clarity of what it takes to develop leadership character.

Executive Coaching

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