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Eco-Thinking Workshops and Ecological Intelligence

Ecological Intelligence

Botting Leadership provides two “signature” workshops – either in person or online – to help people share in the wonder and immense joy of revealing the genius of Nature.

The first workshop is entitled:

“Beautiful Biomimicry”

It provides a basic introduction to Biomimicry and why it is so important. It also provides learners with an overview of all of Life’s Key Principles, and how they can be applied to meeting so many of today’s challenges – in form, in structure, and in ecological functioning. The workshop concludes with an added overview of Systems Thinking and the application of “an Eco-Mind” to innovation, leadership development, and to strategic planning and problem analysis. 

The second signature workshop is called:

“Eco-Thinking and the Application of Ecological Intelligence”

In this workshop, all the core Principles of Nature will be discussed in terms of a whole new way of thinking and problem-solving. Participants will be taught how to “think like an ecosystem”. Participants will also be taught to recognize the strategies employed for survival by plants, animals, and the integration of all life on the planet with ecological intelligence. These are also lessons we can learn to be better leaders to design a better world. 

Eco-Thinking Workshops and Ecological Intelligence

Ecological Intelligence Training

Many other Workshops are in ongoing production and available for added presentation by Botting Leadership. Just a few other topics which have been of great interest include:

  • Teamwork Inspired by Nature
  • The Eight Master Leadership Lessons of Nature
  • The Wisdom of Animals
  • The Ecology of Effective Organizational Leadership
  • Survival of the Nicest
  • The Truth About Animals and Why You Need to Know 
  • Lead Like a Wolf and Listen Like a Dog – We’ve Got a Lot to Learn
  • Your Brain on Nature

Learn with Botting leadership to use eco-thinking to benefit your business

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