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Design With Nature

Design with Nature in Mind

Our living planet has been an evolutionary laboratory of 3.8 Billion years of continuous testing, rapid prototyping, and incessant trial and error. Our Natural World has, therefore, had 3.8 Billion years to figure out the best technology, processes, and strategies that truly work! There is so much wisdom and genius to be learned from Nature and design with Nature in mind

Biomimicry and Eco-Thinking help us realize that there is actually a whole world all around us to be discovered and studied – if we just choose to study nature’s lessons carefully. We do not have to invent new leadership practices, new strategic models, or the latest technologies completely from scratch. Just use your senses and learn from what’s already in your body, beneath your feet, in your backyard, and all-around your ecosystem. Nature is our greatest teacher!


Biomimicry is the integration of biology and technology, to solve the leadership and strategic challenges of our 21st Century. Nature is all around us, yet we are becoming increasingly disconnected from its core principles and amazing lessons. 

Botting Leadership provides two “signature” workshops – either in person or online – to help people share in the wonder and immense joy of revealing the genius of Nature.

Dale Botting is a member of the World Movement for Scientific Pantheism. As such, Dale is a strong believer in their Statement of Principles of Scientific Pantheism. It is certainly unlike most religious creeds.

Learn with Botting leadership to use eco-thinking to benefit your business

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