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Independent Associates

Botting Leadership is proud to be associated with the following independent professionals. 

Bill Turpin

Bill is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Executive Coach, a Certified Professional Business Coach, a Master Coach Instructor, and a Certified practitioner of Positive Psychology.

James Ouellette

James is the owner of iCON~NECT Consulting Company. He provides consulting services to small & medium enterprises focusing on three pillars of services; Indigenous Engagement, Change Management & Business Support.

Marlena Klassen

As a trusted advisor, Marlena partners with organizational leaders to advance their human resources efforts. Marlena has demonstrated her big picture thinking and designed programs that have advanced HR to the next level.

George Rathwell

George has dedicated his career to improved governance, administration, and teaching in the Public Educational System.

Lee Whittington

Lee is a PBCA alumni, with a special interest in working with University-owned Research Institutes, Colleges, and other innovation-based enterprises

Brendan Pikaluk

Brendan is a specialist in Business Improvement Processes, Kaizen applications, the leadership and professional review of Social and Health Services.

Nadine Schueller

Nadine has a passion for leadership development, business, as well as aiding all team members to achieve greater success in their careers.  She is a Certified Professional Business Coaches Association Member and is currently a Regional Operations Director within a large veterinary practice investment group in Western Canada. 
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