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Dale Botting

As a Strategic Advisor, Dale Botting works with business owners and organizational leaders who are stuck or struggling with an existing business problem or wanting to get off a plateau of complacency or flat growth. He also works with clients who are ready for transformational change, pivot to a new business model or scale up to a new level. Botting Leadership is for Strategic Thinkers and Leaders who want to look farther, scan wider, and go deeper.

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Quadrant I (Youth) – Nature

Dale’s foundational background includes three separate undergraduate degrees all in the Sciences – each with Highest Distinction – in Ecology/Biology, Biogeography, and Education (Science Teaching) all received from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). His graduate studies were in Lake Recreational Planning and Aquatic Ecology – at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design.

While finishing University, Dale received high profile as a Park Naturalist at Cypress Hills Provincial Park in Saskatchewan; and he pioneered several innovations in interpretive park management including aquatic canoe tours, backcountry auto tours, design and layout of new nature trails, and creative new approaches to student outdoor education.
Dale also worked as a Fisheries Biologist on the first major Environmental Impact Assessment in all of Canada, on the lower Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan.

Following graduation with both BSc. (Double Honours) Degrees, Dale worked for a firm called EcoLogistics, and co-authored a major Lake Recreation Plan for Emma and Christopher Lake, in the popular cottage country of Saskatchewan.
After leaving graduate school, Dale was hired as the Research Director for the Churchill River Board of Inquiry, which conducted some of the first major Environmental Hearings in all of Canada. His final Report helped shape the Inquiry findings, which later ruled against damming this wilderness river.

After this pioneering work, Dale was employed as an Environmental Planner for the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment. He co-authored the original Environmental Assessment Act for Saskatchewan, also one of the first of its kind in Canada.
He later transitioned to become the Saskatchewan Manager for one of Canada’s largest Environmental and Engineering Consulting Firms, MacLaren Plansearch (a Division of Lavalin Engineering). Dale built a professional team of over 20 scientists, planners, anthropologists, and engineers who worked on dozens of projects in Western Canada.

Quadrant II (Adulthood) – Public Policy

In the early 1980’s Dale returned back to Government and began a second career as a Public Policy Analyst. He became a Resource Economist in the Saskatchewan Uranium Secretariat, which resulted in his co-design of one of the first Northern Surface Lease Agreements in Canada which mandated the inclusion of Indigenous workers and subcontractors. He also served as a Senior Policy Analyst working on Hazardous Waste Management, Water Policy, and Provincial Land Use Planning Legislation for both Saskatchewan Premiers Blakeney and Devine. Dale was later promoted as the Premier’s Chief Coordinator of Regulatory Reform. He also served as Secretary to the (then) Cabinet Committees on Central and Regulatory Agencies of Government.

Dale then moved from Executive Council to become Executive Director (ADM) of the former Saskatchewan Ministry of Science and Technology. In this role, he actively encouraged the establishment of numerous high-tech industry clusters, coordinated federal/provincial science agreements, reviewed all provincial science and technology budgets, and helped build and promote “Innovation Place” as one of Canada’s earliest Research Parks. 

Another return to the private sector leads to Dale serving 11 years with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). He was an early builder of this advocacy organization for small business – by establishing its first-ever office in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and later serving as its Executive Director, Provincial Affairs, for all of Canada (from its Toronto Head Office). 
Dale then became CFIB’s first-ever Vice-President of Western Canada. The CFIB continues to work on public policies and legislation that supports entrepreneurs in every part of Canada, and Dale helped grow the CFIB to over 100,000 small business members from coast to coast. 

Quadrant III (Middle Age) – Leadership

In the mid-90’s Dale returned home to Saskatoon as CEO of the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC) and SARCAN Recycling, it’s a wholly-owned subsidiary and largest environmental recycling company in Western Canada. SARC continues to represent over 65 Community-Based Organizations (CBO’s) that train, house, support and employs persons with disabilities. SARCAN continues to operate as one of the largest social/affirmative enterprises in Canada, providing good jobs and benefits for its employees who have various cognitive disabilities. 

A series of successive CEO appointments then followed, building on successful “turn arounds” and innovations as Head of numerous other organizations over the next 15 years. Dale transitioned to become the CEO of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA Inc.) – which continues to be one of the most admired, industry-lead, and independently financed economic development organizations in all Canada.

Going beyond Saskatoon, Dale then became President and CEO of STEP (the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership). STEP continues to function as a unique “business consortium” of over 400 firms, with the company offering global market intelligence, export sales and networking, trade finance, and international trade promotion.

Dale ended his full-time role in organizational leadership by accepting an appointment as Deputy Minister of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and as the founding CEO and “architect” of both Enterprise Saskatchewan and Innovation Saskatchewan.  Both agencies were unique models for economic development in Canada. 

Dale also supported the Saskatchewan Cabinet Committee on the Economy during those boom years of 2007 – 2010.

Quadrant IV (Sage-ing) – Fusion

The word “Fusion” has many definitions – i.e. “to blend or amalgamate into one whole, to detonate or ignite an explosive charge, and to melt with intense heat to generate more energy.”

In this last stage of Dale’s life, his company, Botting Leadership Inc. was formed to become a perfect fusion of all of the many components of his long, varied, and interesting career. He specializes in Executive and Business Coaching, Leadership Development, Governance Reform, Social Enterprise, and Strategy Thinking. The client list of Botting Leadership Inc. includes all business sectors – as well as Universities, Research Institutes, First Nations organizations, industry associations, small and medium-sized corporations, and multi-national firms.  He has also worked with several Dean’s Offices, and several Associate Deans at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Dale continues to work with the Tribal Chief and the seven First Nation Chiefs of the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC). He has been their lead Strategist and Governance Advisor on a major rewrite of their Tribal Constitution. He continues to assist the STC and its seven Member Nations in the capacity building of their Strategic Planning, Leadership Competencies, and ongoing Governance. 

Dale continues to be a “hands-on” Coach and Mentor to an ongoing list of other business owners and non-profit executives. His greatest passion is to Ignite the Strategic Thinking of Leaders. Dale also enjoys delivering numerous Leadership Workshops and Training Seminars – on both “hard” and “soft” skills – to improve Business Acumen and Executive Leadership.  Dale delivers keynote presentations, half-day and full-day workshops, “Leadership Bootcamps”, and “Corporate Leadership Academies”.  In March of 2021, Dale was inducted into the first global Cohort to be honoured with “Master Coach Designation”, under the new PBCA Global and USA community of professional business coaches.

Past and ongoing training partnerships have been with the Canadian Manufacturers’ and Exporters’ Association, the Saskatchewan and Canadian MERIT Contractors Association, the Saskatoon Regional Association of REALTORS®, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-Scientists of Saskatchewan, the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC), and dozens of smaller non-profits, institutions, First Nations, and individual companies.

In addition, Dale occasionally serves as “a Contract CEO/COO/CFO” to organizations in times between more permanent recruitment. These were temporary (1-2 year) assignments, where a seasoned executive was needed to assist and help rebuild companies after an organizational crisis and/or during challenging transitions. Some recent examples of this Contract CEO, COO, and other interim Executive Support Services have included leadership as:

  • Interim VP of Business Development to assist with the launch of the Canada School of Energy and Environment, as jointly owned by the Universities of Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge. (2010 – 2011).
  • Interim Executive Director of SCETI – the Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence in Transportation and Infrastructure, affiliated with the U of S College of Engineering. (2011-12)
  • Interim COO of PREVENT – the Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise, which was a non-profit commercialization business developing vaccines for both human and animal health, as jointly owned by the U of S, UBC and the U of Dalhousie.
  • Interim CEO of Prairie Diagnostics Services Inc. – delivering veterinary health diagnostics and animal feed toxicology analysis across all of Canada. (2015-16)

Finally, because of the many challenges and opportunities in this post-COVID era, Botting Leadership Inc. is now “Going Big and Going Global”.

Dale’s passion for work on Strategy, Corporate Culture, Social Enterprise, and Leadership Development is more “virtual” than ever before.

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