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Life Leadership


Your Dream. Our Mission.

About Dale Botting

Just like the Medicine Wheel, Dale Botting continues to journey through a full circle of life. His career can be summarized as a series of transitions along with four distinct quadrants, with one “season” or stage of life and leadership gently moving into the other.

Quadrant I (Youth)
– Nature

Dale’s foundational background includes three separate undergraduate degrees all in the Sciences – each with Highest Distinction – in Ecology/Biology, Biogeography, and Education (Science Teaching) all received from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).

Quadrant II (Adulthood)
– Public Policy

Dale has directly worked with four different Premiers, across all political parties, on such diverse policies as Indigenous participation in resource development, environmental policies, urban and rural planning, government R and D, new technology development, and regulatory reform.

Quadrant III (Middle Age) – Leadership

Dale Botting has been the Executive Leader/CEO of six different organizations – from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), to the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC/SARCAN), to the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA Inc.), to the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP Inc.) to Deputy Minister and the founding CEO of Enterprise Saskatchewan and Innovation Saskatchewan.

Quadrant IV (Sage-ing)
– Fusion

The word “Fusion” has many definitions – i.e. “to blend or amalgamate into one whole, to detonate or ignite an explosive charge, and to melt with intense heat to generate more energy.”

In this last stage of Dale’s life, his company, Botting Leadership Inc. was formed to become a perfect fusion of all of the many components of his long, varied, and interesting career.

My Core Values

The following Core Values have been my guide to building every relationship, making every decision, and following every path on my Journey through life leadership:





Hard Work 
and Effort

These Values have made me R.I.C.C.H. in so many ways beyond material wealth and success!

My Personal Mission Statement

I am on a Personal Mission, for the rest of my life, to undertake a relentless pursuit of: more Love and Compassion; greater Perspective; better Stewardship; and increasing Reverence and Awe over all of Nature both in my own personal growth, and through the teaching, mentoring, and guidance of others.

I strive to inform, develop, and instill stronger life Leadership and more Strategic Thinking within every person, every organization, every community, and within whole societies and cultures. I also strive to better understand and promote the revelation that we are all interconnected and integral components of one ecosystem, one biome, and one wondrous and beautiful Gaia that we call Planet Earth.


See Botting's

Awards, Honours, Memberships

  • Elected President, University of Saskatchewan Biology Club (1974)
  • Man of the Trees Prize as Top Graduating Biologist, University of Saskatchewan (1975)
  • Canadian Geographers’ Association Prize as the Top Graduating Geographer, University of Saskatchewan (1975)
  • Winner of two consecutive annual NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship Awards (1975,76)
  • Nominated for Joseph P. Bates Award as top College of Education Student Intern (1977)
  • Graduate of the Banff Centre for Continuing Education – Social Dimensions of Environmental Planning Program (1979)
  • Canadian Delegate and Keynote Presenter at the International Congress for Small Business (ICSB), World Congress in Seoul, South Korea (1989)
  • Recognized by Saskatchewan Business Magazine as “One of the Most Influential Men in Saskatchewan” (2000)
  • Recognized as a distinguished alumnus under the Business Category, with an installation ceremony for placement on the “Wall of Fame” within the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan (2011)
  • Recognized as a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) and served on the Canadian Board of the Forum for International Trade Training (2005-07)
  • First-ever Saskatchewan graduate of the ICF-recognized Newfield Network and its Certified Coach Training Program (2011)
  • First-person in Saskatchewan and Manitoba to ever be certified by the Professional Business Coaching Alliance (PBCA) of North America (2014)
  • Founding Member of the Saskatchewan Professional Coaches Association (2012-14)
  • Recognized by his peers as “Business Coach of the Year” for all Western North America, at Annual Conference of the PBCA (2016)
  • Launched and served as founding President of the new professional training and certification body, PBCA CANADA (from 2017-2019)
  • Inducted into first global cohort to be honoured with “Master Coach Designation”, under the new PBCA Global and USA community of professional business coaches, March 2021

Past Board Member of:

  • The Canadian Society of Professional Biologists (Saskatchewan Chapter)
  • The Saskatchewan Heart and Stroke Association
  • The Saskatoon United Way
  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada (Saskatchewan Advisory Board)
  • Numerous Government Policy Task Forces (e.g. on Tax Reform, High School Retention, Student/School Achievement Indicators, new Environmental Clean Up Regulations in Saskatchewan, Regulatory Reform in Manitoba, Innovation and Small Business Policy for Canada, etc.)
  • Current Board Member of Multi-Material Stewardship Western – providing fiduciary oversight of collection, treatment, recycling, recovery, reuse, and reduction of all household packaging and paper sold by major manufacturers and retailers in Canada.

Current Memberships in:

  • The Canadian Positive Psychology Association
  • The Canadian Council for Social Enterprise
  • Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)
  • Global Ethical Corporation
  • American Advancement for the Advancement of Science
  • American Society of Naturalists
  • Council on Foreign Relations Inc.
  • Aspen Institute
  • Happiness Research Institute
  • Ideo U
  • Biomimicry Institute – USA and South Africa
  • Singularity University – USA and Canadian Chapters
  • Sag-ing International
  • World Pantheism Movement
  • Chatham House, United Kingdom

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